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big city tale.

30 Apr

– “You’re not afraid of me falling from a 34th floor. You’re afraid of you being the one who falls. I know it hurts and I know that’s why we don’t move while standing in this cornice. But I keep on asking myself ‘why don’t we just attach ourselves to this window and start dancing as if tomorrow was never to come?’ We’ll surely get scratched – but that’s not breaking into pieces on the pavement. Let’s be brave. We’ve been brave before. Can you see anybody standing outside their windows anywhere near here? No. You know why? Because either they don’t have the courage to cross the window or they just jump through it. Nobody stays. Nobody faces it. We need this. But we don’t want it. Let’s get our placebo until we get tired. Then, when it all finishes, we’ll be alive, all safe and sound. We’ll go on as this suicidal attempt had never happened. But deep down we’ll know that we let ourselves hang from a window on a 34th floor in Manhattan. What’s wrong about that? “.

– “You’re crazy. You’re falling. You’re not holding the window. You’re hands free, just a light breeze will make you hit the ground. I don’t have those crazy ideas. Hanging onto a window and dancing on the front of a building in Manhattan? You’re not crazy. You’re NUTS. What do you think this is? A circus? Well, dear, welcome to real life…it doesn’t work that way. Either you fall or you stay safe.”

– “Coward”.

– “Why do you keep saying that? I am not a coward, and you know it as well as I do.”

– “Let go of the window”.

– “Never!”

– “See? You’re a coward”

– “I am not. If I let go, I die. I don’t want to die”.

– “Then, what are you doing here?”.

– “I want to be free”.

– “You’re contradicting yourself, dear”.

– “Whatever. I’m coming back in”.

– “Go. Go back. It’s either living or dying. There’s nothing in between, isn’t that it? You can be free by dying. You can be a prisoner in life. I’ve seen lots of stuff. I don’t like neither staying or falling. I’ve decided I’m better in the middle. All it takes is balance: enough to resist them breezes, enough to resist from falling into that window you’re about to walk in. If you reach that point, you can see the most amazing things life can show you – do you know how beautiful it is to see the sunrise by the Brooklyn bridge? But you still don’t know that. And you will never know if you don’t dare to let go of the window. It’s up to you. This is my cornice, and I don’t want morons being afraid in here. I’m sure I’m not falling. I’m sure I d0n’t want to live attached to that window. You have a decision to make.”

– “But…now…I mean…”

– “Take it easy. I give you 3 minutes. That’s what the sun takes to go down this time of the year.”


“Live fast. Die…

29 Apr

“Live fast. Die young. Be wild. Have fun. I believe in the person I want to become. I believe on the freedom of the open road. My model is the same as ever: I believe in the kindness of strangers. And when I’m in war with myself, I ride. I just ride. Who are you? Are you in touch with all of your darkest fantasies? Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them? I have. I am fucking crazy.

But I am free.”

Lana del Rey – Ride.


My life in a song.



29 Apr